Monday, May 23, 2016

Wind Poems

Room Five have made some amazing wind poems after a windy few days at school. The poems had to rhyme at the end of each line. What wonderful and creative students we have in Room Five!

What is white?
What is high in the sky?
What blows and makes the rain clouds go?
What is big and blows?
What could blow the trees away?
What isn’t big and fluffy?
The Wind.
By Maisie
It blows leaves,
It makes you sneeze.
What is soft as snow?
What doesn’t show?
What makes dogs bark?
What doesn’t make a spark?
The Wind.
By Nic
What can blow?
Who knows?
Like a dancing crow,
What is like a toe?
What goes bang?
It is like who I am.
The Wind.
By Gianna
What blows as hard as a snow storm?
What is like us blowing a thorn?
What blows?
Why doesn’t it show?
What makes trees sway?
Why won’t it go away?
The Wind.
By Victoria
What blows as fast as the snow?
What can blow your toe?
It doesn’t show,
But it blows.
The Wind.
By Digby
What blows? What shows?
What can you see when the wind blows?
What makes branches fall to the ground?
The planes might crash in the town.
What blows the thunder storm down?
It is a noisy wind that moves the ground.
The Wind.
By Charlotte
The wind sometimes blows trees down.
The clown just got blown down.
Sometimes the wind makes houses fall over,
Trees can be blown into the clover.
The Wind.
By Jade
It blows me,
It makes me sneeze.
What is it? What is it?
It has a pain in it.
It has a team,
It is keen.
It blows,
It doesn’t show.
The Wind.
By Milo
What blows hard?
What blows the dust at the yard?
What blows the trees down?
What blows to make dogs bark at the pound?
What blows the signs?
What blows the line?
The Wind.
By Cayden
Kites fly,
Wind is in the sky.
It blows the grass,
It goes past so fast.
The Wind.
By Jed
What makes the trees sway?
And just doesn’t go away.
What can make me fall over?
And can blow a clover.
What rumbles and tumbles?
On the nights I have crumble.
The Wind.
By Tia
What is lame?
What can crash a plane?
What can blow a car?
It can go “rarrr”.
What can make a tornado?
What is not a potato?
The Wind.
By Harrison
What blows as strong as a stallion?
What tastes like a lamington?
Blow away leaves, blow away leaves,
Quickly go back to your nest bees.
What makes me brave?
What can’t be saved?
What doesn’t show?
Please don’t leave me, no!
Watch it blow over a pin,
You know what I’m talking about – the Wind!
By Jodi
What makes me fall?
Why doesn’t it pull?
It snows,
It blows.
What makes me go down?
What makes the flowers brown?
Why does it blow?
Why doesn’t it show?
What blows pies?
What blows kites?
What blows gin?
Shout it out loud – Wind!
By Tilly
What does go?
What goes low?
How does it move?
What could it do?
How may it scare you?
How may it follow too?
Can it make you cool?
Can it make that tree tall?
The Wind.
By Ava
What can blow?
What can snow?
What can make plates fall and not show?
What if we were clover being blown?
You could ask the pin,
The pin would say the wind.
By Zoe

What blows the trees down?
What blows down town?
What doesn’t show?
What blows?
What blows the pages away?
What makes me say “yay”?
The Wind.
By Charlie

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